God Never Said That   Part1

David Graciano

Ghost of Christmas Past Part 3

Dan Atwood 12/10/17

Ghost of Christmas Past Part 2

Dan Atwood 12/10/17

Ghost of Christmas Past Part 1

Dan Atwood 12/3/17

Parables of Jesus 5

Dan Atwood 11/26/17

Parables of Jesus 3

Dan Atwood 11/12/17

Parables of Jesus 2


Parables of Jesus 1

Dan Atwood 10/29/17

Weird Part 4

DAN ATWOOD 10/22/17

Weird Part 3

Dan Atwood 10/15/17

Weird Part 2

Dan Atwood 10/8/17

Weird Part 1

Dan Atwood 10/1/17

Celebration Sunday!

Dan Atwood 9/24/17

Planted Part 2

DAN ATWOOD 9/17/17

Planted Part  1

dan atwood 9/10/17

Most Wanted

dan atwood 9/3/17

Thank You!

Dan atwood 8/27/17

People Like Us Part 11

Dan atwood 8/20/17

People Like Us Part 10

David Graciano 8/12/17

People Like Us Part 9

Dan Atwood 8/6/17

People Like Us Part 8

DAN ATWOOD 7/30/17

People Like Us Part 7

DAN ATWOOD 7/23/17

VBS Sunday

Dan Atwood 7/16/17

People Like Us Part 6

David Graciano 7/9/17

People Like Us Part 5

Troy Asher 7/2/17

People Like Us Part 4

Tim Johnston 6/25/17

People Like Us Part 3

Lynn Graciano 6/18/17

People Like Us Part 2

Dan Atwood 6/11/17

People Like Us Part 1

Dan Atwood 6/4/17

Memorial Day 2017

Ricky Green 5/28/17

Foster/Adopt Sunday

DAN Atwood 5/21/17

Unstuck Part 4

Dan Atwood 5/14/17

Unstuck Part 3

Dan Atwood 5/7/17

Unstuck Part 2

Dan Atwood 4/30/17

Unstuck Part 1

Dan Atwood 4/23/17

Relentless Part 4

Dan Atwood 4/9/17

Relentless Part 3

Dan Atwood 4/2/17

Relentless Part 2

Dan Atwood 3/26/17

Relentless Part 1

Dan Atwood 3/19/17

Fixer Upper Part 4

Dan & Melody Atwood 3/5/17

Fixer Upper Part 3

Dan & Melody Atwood 2/26/17

Fixer Upper Part 2

Dan & Melody Atwood 2/19/17

Fixer Upper Part 1

Dan Atwood 2/12/17

The Price of Progress

David Graciano 1/5/17

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Tim Johnston 1/29/17

What in Heaven is Going On?

Troy Asher 1/22/17

Can You Be Happy No Matter What?

Ricky Green 1/15/17 

Is the Bible True?

David Graciano 1/8/17

Peace Has Come Part 3

Dan Atwood 12/18/16

Peace Has Come Part 2

DAN ATWOOD 12/11/16

Worship is the key to experiencing God's peace.

Living Life as a Thank You to God

Dan Atwood 11/27/16

How Can I Handle Discouragement?

Dan Atwood 11/20/16

What Shall We Do?

Dan Atwood 11/13/16

Your vision will affect the way you respond to life's challenges. What you see, will determine what you do.

Psalm 46

David Graciano 11/6/16

Regardless of the future, we have a living hope in Jesus. We can trust the one who holds the future.

Positive ID Part 3

Dan Atwood 10/23/16

Positive ID Part 2

Dan Atwood 10/23/16

Having a positive ID does not happen automatically. Often times it requires us to change the way we think about ourselves, and believe what the Bible says about us.

Positive ID

Dan Atwood 10/16/16

Who do you think you are? Having a positive ID can be one of life's greatest challenges. In this series we'll explore the idea of identity and how we can truly have a positive ID.