My view of God has been shaped by an awesome earthly daddy. God is my perfect heavenly father and I am like a toddler learning to walk. Falling down is normal. So is God picking me back up and saying ‘take another step’. His smile is what I live for. Out of the many things I’m called to do, my sweet spot is developing Godly leaders while teaching the Bible in a way that makes it accessible and practical for anybody.
— Dan

Dan Atwood has been in ministry for over 30 years. He has a Bachelors in Physical Education and a Masters in Christian Education from Denver Seminary. His ministry journey began as a youth pastor in Monument, Colorado and it was there that he met his soon to be wife, Melody. In time, they moved to Honolulu, Hawaii where they continued working in youth ministry. After sensing the call of God for some time to work with adults, but not knowing what it would look like, they took a leap of faith and accepted a job at Faith Evangelical Free Church in Spanaway, Washington. Weeks away from closing the doors, God's timing was perfect. By God's grace, Faith Community Church is now a flourishing community. Dan loves spending time with his children, gardening, back-packing, and building things. 

I love co-leading the children’s ministry here at Faith. It is my passion to see the children who come through our doors encounter the love and power of God as they are cared for by our loving teachers.
— Melody

Melody has been involved in ministry for over 28 years. She grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska and moved to Nacadoches, Texas where she attended Stephen F Austin University. While she was in college, her family moved to Colorado and began attending a church where there was a certain young youth pastor named Dan. When she would come home to visit during college breaks, Dan would recruit her to 'help' with different youth projects, and the rest as they say, is history. They have four beautiful children Micah, Bethany, Tyler, and Hannah. Melody has worked in both public and private schools as an elementary teacher and is currently home-schooling her two youngest children and teaching at various home-school co-ops. She loves reading, cooking, and spending time outdoors hiking.